Indiana Securities Restitution Fund

The Securities Restitution Fund was established in 2010 by the Indiana General Assembly to enable the Securities Division to provide restitution to Indiana victims of securities violations. The Securities Division can only make a payment to victims if a state court, federal court, or administrative agency has ordered restitution to be paid to that victim as a result of a securities violation. A copy of the Final Order showing that restitution has been awarded will be required as part of the application. Please note that FINRA arbitration awards are not eligible for payment from the fund. Restitution may be paid out of civil penalties imposed by the Securities Division against those who have violated the Indiana Uniform Securities Act. Payment to each victim will be capped at 25% of the amount yet to be paid pursuant to the Final Order or $15,000, whichever amount is less.

If you have been a victim of a violation of securities law in Indiana, and the purchase of the security that gave rise to the violation occurred after July 1, 2010, please click the link below to apply for the Securities Restitution Fund. For further information on the effective date of the Securities Restitution Fund and the timing of claims, please click here.


If you would like to submit an application by paper, please click here to print the form.